In the bachelor's program Molecular and Applied Biotechnology the students complete the lecture Molecular Biotechnology in the 3rd semester, in the 4th and 5th semester a basic practical course for the learning of cloning techniques as well as for the expression and detection of a single chain antibody. In addition, we offer the optional Molecular Biotechnology Seminar, which deals with the overview of current expression systems.

In the master's program Molecular and Applied Biotechnology, we offer the lecture Plant Biotechnology, a Plant Biotechnology Internship and Seminar as well as research internships.

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Practical course Molecular Biotechnology

In the summer semester, students of the fourth semester in Molecular and Applied Biotechnology B.Sc. will complete the basic internship biotechnology. The two-week internship consists of one week internship at our institute and one week internship at the chair of biotechnology with Professor Elling. In our part of the internship students learn the basics of cloning techniques and perform the cloning of a single-chain antibody into two different expression vectors. Link to RWTH online

Practical course plant biotechnology

The prerequisite for participation is practical and theoretical knowledge of molecular biology. The lecture Plant Biotechnology does not yet have to be passed. Link to RWTH online